Mariano Garcia

San Román Bodegas y Viñedos is Mariano García and his family’s second winery in the Duero Valley following Bodegas Mauro (1980). The business has been expanded with Garmón Continental (their exclusive new project in Ribera del Duero which began with the 2014 vintage).
Three different approaches to Duero Valley viticulture based on respect for each territory’s unique characteristics to create a unique winemaking philosophy.

The maestro Mariano García founded his winery in a town which features the glorious river in its name, Tudela de Duero. He knew perfectly well that it was outside the legendary Denomination of Origin. This was at a time when the Ribera del Duero was starting to glimpse glory, but that didn’t bother him much.

San Román Bodegas y Viñedos, together with Bodegas Mauro and Garmón Continental, forms the particular trilogy of the García family,

Three interpretations of the Duero Valley by winemaker Mariano García together with his sons Eduardo and Alberto.

it is essential to preserve the expression that marks each area, each vineyard and each terroir.