Pavina Pinot Noir & Tempranillo 2019 0,75l


100% Pinot Noir

BOUQUET: Domain of red fruits, field plants such as oregano, basilisk and dill. Smoked notes. TASTE: An easy-drinking wine thanks to the expressiveness of Pinot Noir. Very sweet and tasty with a pronounced acidity. A very refined wine, which makes it even more pleasant and forces you to drink more.

WINE GROWING: Some wines with a strong personality need to be born in a special field, as is the case at the Pago de la Pavina estate. The effect of continuous work. The vineyard surrounding Bodegas Alta Pavina covers an area of ​​35 hectares and consists of two vines: Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.

VINIFICATION: The excellence offered by the wines of the Alta Pavina vineyard is a consequence of the very high quality of the grapes, the rigor of their selection and the exceptional care in developing consolidated wines for the domestic market.

WINE PAIRING: Soft cheeses, curds, semi-hard cheeses, beef, chicken – turkey, lamb, poultry, hake, salmon and other fatty fish, sushi, smoked fish, sea bass, sardines, shrimp, raw shells, cooked shells, great seafood , octopus, tuna, delicate stews, fried fish, seafood paella, rice paella, risotto, fish.


Alta Pavina






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