Izar Leku 2017 0,75l


Izar-Leku is the result of the collaboration between the Artadi winery and the Zapiain-Alustiza family in Zarautz (Guipúzcoa). A sparkling wine made with the classic method from txakolin grapes, in the hondarrabi zuri and hondarribi beltza varieties.

In just a few years, this brut vintage has already garnered excellent reviews, which enhance its originality, and a large group of admirers of simple consumers and catering professionals.

Flavoursome, deep and complex, with a stylized body, long sip and a salinity that makes it stand out in the panorama of sparkling wines, Izar-Leku is a vibrant wine, markedly mineral and with a very broad aroma. Its perfumes evoke marine and dried fruit aromas, while on the palate it knows how to perfectly combine breadth and persistence. Precise, dry and clear, every sip of this sparkling wine irresistibly invites you to take a new sip.


La Calle & Laorden




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