Prieto Pariente Winery

Bodegas Prieto Pariente is based on the old practice of viticulture in the Castile and Leon land, and the expression of the terroir through unique and special wines.

Martina and Ignacio Prieto Pariente – third generation of the winery José Pariente (D.O. Rueda) –traveled around the region in search for the oldest and most singular vineyards; from the province of Valladolid influenced by the Duero river, to the mineral hillsides of the mountain area Gredos.

The aim was to create singular wines with their own personality and character, and with a profile of freshness and complexity. The result is Prieto Pariente, Martina’s and Ignacio’s new wine project.

Bodegas Prieto Pariente represents a new generation of wines combining the tradition of well known Winery and the freshness of a young sustainable project lead by the Prieto Pariente siblings