In the factory of Ribadumia is where Conservas La Brújula are made. It is a very different factory to those we are used to seeing, the first thing that strikes you about this factory is its large glass windows that allow “Las Damas de la Conserva” (The ladies), women who carry out the canning work, to work with natural light and visitors to enjoy a completely open view of the facilities.

Although Conservas La Brujula counts with the most advanced technology, the processes are artisanal.

This is ensured by “The Ladies”, who are in charge of keeping the quality of the product from the beginning to the end through manual packaging, time and temperature control, and thorough cleaning.

These “surgeries” of fish and seafood are responsible for the selection of the raw material and manually placing each piece in the tin given an impressive presentation to this treasure of the sea

La Brújula combines craftsmanship and technology to produce the best canned fish and seafood