José Pariente, father of Victoria Pariente, began producing handcrafted white wines in the 1970s with a great confidence in the terroir and the grapes of the Rueda DO.

In 1998, his daughter Victoria introduced state-of-the-art winemaking technologies to produce wines that could fully reflect the qualities of the Verdejo grape, an indigenous Spanish variety that produces elegant, fresh, complex white wines.

The winery is named after José Pariente, a hard-working grape grower and producer from Rueda whose vines served as the base for the project launched by his daughter Maria Victoria (Mariví) Pariente in 1998.

Some years later, Mariví fulfilled her dream of building her own modern premises and launch a range of wines to show the diversity of the indigenous Verdejo grape.

The third generation, siblings Martina and Ignacio, have fully joined the business and have even launched their own project in Castilla y León under the name Prieto Pariente.

For us it is clear the way we must choose to reach this future we are looking for. A future that will come into existence only through a decision-making process in the present, but of course we cannot forget our past.

Jose Pariente