More than 30,000 hectares of dehesa pastures spread over Andalusia, Extremadura and Salamanca. Exceptional areas where our Iberian pigs mature free-range and feed on the best acorns in season. Here, the animals roam at will, and later become the origin of the hams, cured and fresh meats most sought-after by gourmets the world over.



range of cured Iberian pork specialities for generations, employing the same delicate attention to detail and stringent quality that we use for our “Admiración” hams.

They combin a tradition-steeped knowledge with the most innovative, demanding, thorough processes and natural raw materials.



Today, the clients of the most prestigious restaurants and establishments worldwide experience the texture and appreciate the subtleties of the range of intense flavours offered by our cured loin, chorizo, salchichón sausage, longaniza sausage, lomito (cured neck-end fillet) and morcón chorizo.


Experience, confidence, commitment, improvement...“Admiración”