“Trends and styles change, but the essence, the soul of the wine, never does because it comes from the heart of the earth.”

We believe that, in order to make good wine, you need to love wine and everything that goes with it.

Soul ofthe vine

From the Heart of the Ribera del Duero, Emilio Moro cares for every detail from the vine to the glass to create wines with soul.



Our tradition, passion, social responsibility and innovation make each of our labels essential, and if you know how to listen … wine speaks to you



  • CAMINO VIEJO - HOME TO MALLEOLUS Planted in 1989, in a steep slope with an altitude of almost 900 meters. Facing southwest, it is characterized by its clay soils, except in the high points, where the chalk is predominant.
  • VALDERRAMIRO- THE OLDEST VINEYARD OF THE WINERY Planted in 1924, this vineyard is the oldest owned by Bodegas Emilio Moro. Its clay soil contributes to the intense aromas of the wine.
  • RESALSO-OUR GENETIC RESERVE This emblematic vineyard was planted in 1932, the year Emilio Moro was born, and is also the name of our youngest wine, ‘Finca Resalso’. Its clay soils stands out.
  • SANCHOMARTÍN-FINE AROMATIC SLOPESThis vineyard is located in the upper part of a slope whose altitude is over 900 meters. It was planted in 1944 and it is characterized by limestone soils that contribute finesse and complexity to the wine