For 3000 years, olive oil has played a leading role in the regions culture and economy, with Jaén seated at the very centre. Our olive groves are cradled in the Valley of the Upper Guadalquivir River, between the Cazorla and Mágina mountain chains. Jaén was the bigger supplier of olive oil to the Roman Empire. Since then, Jaén has been seen as main source of olive oil in the world.


Castillo de Canena are proud to be a family-owned business. Changes in the sector’s milieu have inevitably driven them to keep a careful eye on the origins of the process.

Every day, striving to bring out the best of their essence and transform it through research and creativity gives them the strength to make them grow



Castillo de Canena is available on a global market. They study customers culture and cuisine and want people to include Extra Virgin Olive Oil in their everyday life.
They do not want people substitute their fats only for EVOO.


The world's noblest 'liquid gold'