Vano family

Rosa Vaño was general marketing manager in Coca-Cola Spain. Paco Vaño, her brother, was a repute banker. Rosa quited her job when she was 40. She gave up a real good job to come back to the roots and work on her father’s olive trees. She decided to make the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world and put it in the best places.
Some months later Paco quit Banco Santander and joined his sister… and they are living their dream on their own.

Rosa is in charge of marketing, strategy and commercial aspects. Her brother is in charge of quality, the mill, optimizing processes and leveraging the most up-to-date technology.

Soon they hired good professionals who have developed their careers inside the company.

All the workers they hire belong to the Jaén region which highly depends on olive oil business.

This is why they prefer to work with the same families year after year contributing to the local community.

Moreover, most of the managers are women with flexible timetable so that they can manage both their jobs and families

Excellence is a habit and working daily with this maxim makes our team increasingly stronger

Rosa Vano