The Maison’s vineyards extend over 34  hectares spread across
the most sought-after crus/ villages of Champagne.


The 34 hectares represents 70% of its needs, an incredibly high ratio for a Champagne house while the remaining 30% are sourced from loyal growers who have been working with the Maison since its inception.

This guarantees the production of superior cuvées praised for their quality worldwide.



The respect of this inimitable terroir is a guiding principle for the Maison. It requires both rigour and a delicate touch.

This means:

  • a special focus on ploughing, encouraging the development of root systems to extract the chalky minerality.
  • short pruning, which helps the roots of the plants to grow continually, directing nutrients to the roots rather than the leaves.
  • paying increasing attention to soil microbiology and the biodiversity of our plots.


Multi-vintage or MV: hand selected from thefinest 35 crus of Champagne