El Seque

The numerous wine-growing references that exist, together with the living footprint left by the Phoenicians and the Romans all along the east coast of Spain, bear witness to this land’s millenary wine-growing tradition. In 1999 the Lopez del Lacalle family acquired the property of El Seque.

The town of Pinoso is a traditional Spanish town located in the mountainous countryside of the Alicante/Murcia border known for the production of rock salt and marble. It is in this particular micro climate the land of the sun and pine yields a distinct expression of Monastrell year in and year out.

El Seque

The 50-65 year old vines are planted sandy and dark chalky soils that are very poor in clay content. As working with a new variety always presents a challenge, Juan

Carlos says that, at first, making wine in El Sequé was an exercise in continuous learning and adaptation. Now, almost 20 years later he has mastered the art of preserving the freshness and concentrated balsamic characters that are produced from the mature Monastrell Clusters. Producing stunning wines of great character and balance.


Our commander´s father was a sailor. When he came back to the ship he used to cry “Bonilla a la vista” (Bonilla ahoy) in response to the port authorities’ legendary question: ‘Alto, ¿quién va?” (Stop, who goes there?).