In 1996 the Lopez de Lacalle family began producing wines in Navarra. They began with the discovery of a 100+ year old vineyard buried in the mountains in the town Artazu located in the northernmost sub-region, Valdizarbe. The ancient vineyards are located at 500-600 feet of altitude scattered throughout the base of the Pyrenees mountains.


Artazu is an emotion-provoking project in which the Lopez del Lacalle family produces wines that are both genuine and avant-garde. In 1996 Navarra was a region that had shifted its focus to international varieties and Tempranillo while Garnacha was reserved for rosé.

Juan Carlos knew the ancient vines had the potential to produce wines that would display freshness and mineral character obtained from the unique terroir of the region.


Our commander´s father was a sailor. When he came back to the ship he used to cry “Bonilla a la vista” (Bonilla ahoy) in response to the port authorities’ legendary question: ‘Alto, ¿quién va?” (Stop, who goes there?).