DeSabor Gourmet Collection

is a family company led by Carlos Martín Vergara and created in October 2011 by a young team of passionate about gastronomy and wine that for the luck of destiny we were working for the Spanish Government in Poland.

Start as a hobbie finish as a passion:

Our aim is bringing closer the high quality Mediterranean cuisine to Poland with honest prices and giving a gastronomy experience with each of our product to our clients.

Our family

Our family comes from Valladolid,  a wine region in Spain, surrounded by some of the most prestigious wine DO in Spain as Ribera del Duero, Rueda, Toro or Cigales and from we believe come our passion for gastronomy & wine.


Our team chose all our products with one main principle:

“We propose to our clients only products and companies we love”

We try to put our personality in our selection and with the feeling trying to give new options to our costumers.

Our brands are selected with our heart. We only cooperate with family brands that share our phylosophy of the life. Companies focus in the quality and innovation but always respecting the tradition and the environment.

Wine, Olive Oil, Canned sea food or Jamón ibérico are some of our products but we try to offer much more than this: We offer the experience understood as a combination of knowledge about how each product , the terroir, the tradition behind , the families who give their lives to improve every generation, pairings and combinations who help to have different vision about gastronomy, etc…in sum up we love gastronomy and we love to share that passion with our clients.

From Desabor´s Familly we invite you to discover our brands and enjoy with us one of the best pleasure in life: Gastronomy & friends!!

Carlos Martín Vergara