Rooted in traditions and focused in the vineyards

In 1985, Juan Carlos Lopez de Lacalle, a native of Lagaurdia lade the foundation for what is know today as Bodegas y Vinedos Artadi. Juan Carlos and a group of 11 local vine growers joined forces to produce and market wine that would express the real character of the area. These traditional carbonic maceration made wines know as Vine Traditional de Cosechero, were made in the time-honored manner of fermenting uncrushed whole bunches in open vats called “lagos”.

“Our grandparent’s experiences became wisdom and a pattern of life. We keep alive the viticultural traditions of our ancestors, fighting against the destructive advances that chemistry has introduced into industrialized and disrespectful agricultural management. We aim to preserve the production and the enjoyment of a „living” wine, with feelings and spirituality, integrating nature and the vineyard in our own lives.”

A history linked to the remembrance and know-how of our ancestors, non industrial, based in the passion and respect for the vineyard.

Located in the heart of Álava, Artadi owns 75 hectares of vineyards planted in soils with a wide geological diversity. Clay, gravel and limestone primarily compose this particular balance of nutrient-poor soils with varying microclimates. These unique vineyard sites give singularity to the wines, whose most notable qualities are transparency of fruit and finesse of tannins.

“It is an indescribable feeling to discover the secrets hidden in each vineyard and ultimately to reap the fruits of all the quiet patient work invested. Man is thus united with his environment and together they produce unique, unforgettable wines. In our Vinos de Parcela we seek to share this legacy and explore the real nature of our region.”