Artadi group is one of the most important wineries in the world and is separate in the world.

The wine. An element loaded with messages full of content, perspectives, spaces, shapes, volumes, lights, colors, voices, the solid, the transparent, the strength and sometimes the weakness make it mysterious.

The reflection during the tasting of the wines is motivated by the difficulty of interpreting the accumulation of sensations and emotions that some wines project on us. The conjunction of these values makes them great and unique.

Wyjątkowy smak

Flowers, fresh fruit, berries, nuts, mint, eucalyptus, oils, resins, tobacco, teas, vanilla, alcohols, spices, meat, leather, minerals… and a multitude of other sensations, make up the inexhaustible and changing aromatic richness that we can enjoy in our wines.



Wisdom and emotions are allied in time.

Only wines seasoned by the passage of time are capable of transporting us to the valuable experiences of life. The memories, the longed for, the experiences, the selfless work, the silence, the fragility, the subtle, the light at the end of the road, the footprint…, all of this crystallizes in the wine stored as if it were a valuable relic. Only great wines bring us closer to the past full of wisdom and emotions.